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The selected core activities include purchase and supply of high-end medical equipment and the spare parts, software, pharmaceuticals, sale of drugs in Russian and CIS, consulting.


Top-priority manufacturers being considered include Varian Medical Systems (USA), GE Healthcare (USA). 


A range of priority medical equipment: Cyclotrons, PET/CT, CT, SPECT, Linear Accelerators,  MRI, ultra-sound equipment


Varian Medical Systems International AG, a
company organized and existing under the laws of
Switzerland, with its principal address at
Hinterbergstrasse 14, 6312 Steinhausen,
Switzerland ("Varlan"), hereby confirms that

New Medical Technologies Kft, with its principal
address at Raday utca 31. A, Ihaz. fszt. 1, 1092
Budapest, Hungary ("Distributor")

Is Varian's authorized distributor in the Russian
Federation for the products listed in Appendix 1,
which are manufactured by and sold under
trademarks /trade names owned, registered by or
licensed to Varian ("Products"), The Distributor's
rights to distribute and sell the Products are subject
to a distribution agreement entered into with Varian.

New Medical Technologies Kft, стала генеральным партнером компании Siemens на основании соглашения от 09 08 2019г.

Az New Medical Technologies Kft. A Siemens általános partnerévé vált a 2018. 09. 09-i keltezésű szerződés alapján.

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State registration number: 01-09-325412
Number for income tax purposes: 26347578243
Adress: 1133 Hungary, Budapest, Váci út. 76, I torony, 3 emelet
Tel: +36 1 883-0327; +36 1 883-0328
Mob tel.: +36 70 355 9985 

General Manager Hármás György

Tel: +36 1 883-0327; +36 1 883-0328   

Secretary Jacura Ágnes



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Adress: 1204 Budapest, Kapitánypuszta utca 162 (6 raktár)

GPS: 47.423405, 19.136263